My research so far has been pretty much straightforward theoretical syntax set in a minimalist approach to language, with side roads in Germanic syntax and diachronic aspects of English. Special emphasis in my theoretical work has been anti-locality in grammar, linguistic interfaces, and overall architectural concerns.

In the recent past, however, I've branched out in various directions: more intricate interface issues, (Cypriot) Greek syntax, first and second language acquisition, language impairments — and biolinguistics more generally.

The rollover menu will eventually (read: "soon") offer details, including downloads, for my published work, some unpublished stuff, and other aspects of my research activities. (Much of this information, though not updated, can be found as downloads on my very old site.) Below I summarize the major projects I've been involved in (past and present, funded or not).

Before updating these pages, go to another webpage in progress: Cyprus Acquisition Team (CAT). The CAT output page is updated quite well; downloadables will be added soon.

Syntactic Theorizing
My major concern is working towards a minimalist theory of language. More on this will follow "soon" (and is/will be linked elsewhere).

Interface Syntax
Same as above; I've got several volumes (coming) out on the topic.

(English) Diachronic Syntax
Jointly with Richard Ingham, we looked at some issues concerning pro and subjects in (Late) Middle English. We got a British Academy/Commonwealth Universities research travel grant for this work.

(Germanic) Synchronic Syntax
Info to be added one day…

(Comparative) Synchronic Syntax
Info to be added one day…

(Cypriot) Greek Syntax
Info to be added one day…

First Language Acquisition
Info to be added one day…
• This is also one area of our CAT activities.

Second Language Acquisition
After having supervised a recent MA thesis on the L2 acquisition of the English present perfect by L1 (Cypriot) Greek speakers, I'm getting more and more interested in Second Language Acquisition.
• I currently supervise on PhD student pursuing issues in SLA (Sviatlana Karpava).
• I'm also engaged in international collaboration and co-organize a summer school on SLA (Cologne, July/August 2009; for further information, please email me).
• This is also one area of our CAT activities.

Specific Language Impairment
Inspired by the COST Action A33 I'm involved in, I'm actively exploring Specific Language Impairment (SLI), with a particular emphasis on the local population, that is SLI present in Cypriot Greek speakers, possibly to be extended to other languages spoken in Cyprus (also bilingual).
• I currently supervise two PhD students working on SLI (Eleni Theodorou and Athina Skordi) and am engaged in international collaboration.
• This is also one area of our CAT activities.

Language Impairment
I expect to investigate other issues in language impairment, in Cyprus and beyond, mono- and bilingual (such as aphasia) in the near future, most of it in collaboration with colleagues, students, therapists, and neurosurgeons.