Teaching - Elsewhere

This is the web space for my teaching activities in my pre-Cyprus years, the period from 1998 to 2003. The links below currently lead to my old Punks in Science website but will eventually updated and integrated into the current design scheme. Yes, you got it: "soon"…

Oberseminar: Phasensyntax (summer 2003, UCologne)

Übung der Hauptstufe: History of English (summer 2003, UCologne)

Ergänzungsseminar: English Syntax beyond the Surface (summer 2003, UCologne)

Einführungsseminar: Generative Syntax (summer 2003, UCologne)

Oberseminar: Das minimalistische Programm (winter 2002/03, UCologne) [link]

Einführungsseminar: Syntax (winter 2002/03, UCologne)

G4 Proseminar: Understanding Minimalism (summer 2002, UStuttgart)

G3 Proseminar: Syntax II (summer 2002, UStuttgart)

Hauptseminar: Kongruenzphänomene in der Syntax (winter 2001/02, UFrankfurt) [link]

Summer course: Modus & Modalität (summer 2001, GK Frankfurt)

LING 311: Syntax I (fall 2000, UMaryland)

LING 312: Syntax II (spring 2000, UMaryland)

LING 200: Intro to Linguistics (spring 1999, UMaryland)

LING 200: Intro to Linguistics (fall 1998, UMaryland)